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Partition Bad Disk Vr 3.4.1 (Latest) free Download

by Liton

Partition Bad Disk Vr 3.4,1 is a very simple piece of software program that helps you create healthy partitions on hard drives with issues.

The interface of the application is quite easy and has not been updated in a while. The main window provides you the HDD previously selected, in a graphical manner. It applies color coding for primary partitions, logical disk, unassigned and back blocks. On the higher side of the main screen you can additionally find explications for all the buttons present.

The software takes you through three unique levels in order to partition a specific hard drive. First and foremost, when opening the app, you have to select one of the detected HDDs. Pressing the ‘Next’ button will take you to a screen where you can scan the disk and set up the sizes of the partitions. In the following step, the Partition Bad Disk begins its actual work and all you have to do is wait.

This software program utility scans the hard disk completely and automatically isolates the bad sectors, so that the newly created partitions can be absolutely smooth of such issues.

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  • High-efficient and error-robust disk scan algorithm. You won’t wait for a whole night just to see your computer hangs or makes little progress in scanning the disk.
  • You can stop the scan at anytime and continue it later. PBD will save the scan results automatically so that you need not scan the disk again when you want to adjust the partitions next time.
  • Visualized disk diagram makes it easy to use. Just click the blocks in the diagram and assigned them to partitions. You can adjust the size of, the start/stop positions of, the type of partitions and split/combine partitions at will.
  • Provided advanced partitioning strategies. Choose a strategy, and PBD does the rest.
  • Super Format option allows you to mark bad clusters at file system level. This is useful if you want to create a large partition thus have to include some bad sectors in it(the bad sectors will be mapped out after formatting). It is much faster than traditional format when dealing with massive bad sectors, and it never hangs. Currently only FAT is supported. You can convert the formatted partition from FAT to NTFS using the command: convert X:/fs:ntfs
  • Even your disk has no bad sectors, you can also use PBD as an ordinary easy-to-use partition software.
  • Almost no limitation about the number of created partitions/logical disks.


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Done & Enjoy.

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