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EveryLang Pro 4.1.1 Download(Latest)

by Liton

EveryLang Pro 4.1.1:This program will allow you to translate any text, check spelling, switch and show current keyboard layout, monitor the clipboard and text input from the keyboard and many more. EveryLang is program which will make working with text easier and faster. It has the following functions: Translate any text with Google, Microsoft and Yandex servises Spellcheck using the Orfo.ru service, select the text and press Ctrl+F7, and in the main window use F7 Switch the layout for the last entered words or selected text and much more Automatic switching keyboard layouts will allow you not to watch the current input language You can turn on showing the current input language on the mouse pointer and in a text cursor View the clipboard history. The manager monitors changes in the clipboard, text, HTML, RTF formats, as well as the path to the copied files View the history of the typed text in all applications Quick insert templates of the texts by pressing a hot key or without it Different ways to convert text.


• Translator. Translation of any text using the services of Google, Microsoft and Yandex.
• Spelling. Spell check using text selection and Ctrl + F7.
• Pick indicator. Indicator of the current input language on the mouse pointer and in the text cursor position.
• Change the layout. Switch the layout of the last word entered or the selected text.
• Autoswitch. Automatic switch layout will not track the current input language.
• Clipboard. View clipboard history, its management and other features.
• A diary. View the history of typed text in all applications.
• SmartClick. The most necessary functions for working with text with the mouse.
• AutoCorrect. Quick insert text templates by pressing a hot key.

EveryLang Pro 4.1.1 Download Link:[junkie-button url=”http://ethobleo.com/SJM” style=”green” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_blank”] EveryLang Pro 4.1.1 Download here [/junkie-button]

EveryLang Pro 4.0.1 Portable Download Link:[junkie-button url=”http://ethobleo.com/SYs” style=”green” size=”large” type=”round” target=”_blank”] EveryLang Pro 4.0.1 portable Download Here [/junkie-button]



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