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Download UnHackMe 9.98 pc full version (Portable)

by Liton

UnHackMe 9.99b Build:710:UnHackMe An Anti-Rootkit Software that Thwarts Different Malicious Software.Get rid of rootkits and keep your computer safeUnHackMe is a tool which you can use to complement your current antivirus;

UnHackMe is a paid security software for Windows-based computer devices that is designed to detect and remove ‘Rootkits’ or a collection of programs designed by a hacker to mask intrusions and gain administrator access to a computer or computer network. Basically, rootkits is a new generation of Trojan programs that are invisible to users.

UnHackMe works by trying to detect hidden Rootkits through watching the computer function with an early study from the boot process till the normal Windows mode.

Also, UnHackMe has improved more of its application database to further recognize other versions of rookits that may cause harm to your computer, and even updates malware scanning so as to get the best performance from your PC.

UnHackMe features:

  1. Scanning of installed programs for “Potentially Unwanted Programs” (PUPs).
  2. Checking for junk files, created by PUPs, adware, and spyware.
  3. Scanning of Windows startup programs, services, and drivers.
  4. Testing Windows shortcuts.
  5. Scanning for rootkits.
  6. Examining the browsers’ search settings.
  7. Scanning the browsers add-ons.
  8. Testing the hosts file and DNS settings.
  9. Testing startup files using several antivirus programs on the Virustotal.com.

Portable Version Download Link:

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UnHackMe11.30 Build 930 Latest Version Download Link:

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Official Site: Click Here

Watch on YouTube How to install and activate:

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