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AVG Internet security 2019 free Download full version

by Liton

AVG Internet Security 2019 –  AVG Internet Security gives you advanced protection against viruses, ransomware and other threats – for all your devices. as an excellent security mechanism for your pc against virtual Threats.

As far as the interface is concerned, the latest edition of AVG Internet Security has a new, more sophisticated design. Six types of scanning modes are available, once the initial scan is over: the full scan looks into all parts of the computer for malware, deep virus scan checks only areas most likely to get infected, and USB / DVD scan which verifies removable media devices.

The antivirus engine consists of multiple detection methods: signatures, polymorphic (to find new variants of known viruses, even if they now have a different behavior), heuristics (determines malware based on the program’s behavior and should work when the signature method fails), real-time outbreak (adds crowd intelligence to the cloud to detect the newest threats) and CyberCapture, a new feature launched by AVG that’s a cloud-based smart file scanner which isolates and analyzes suspicious items.

What’s New
* Now you can automatically turn off the computer after completing a full, selective and custom scan.
* A quick scan can be added at any time as you wish.
* Added option “Enable QUIC / HTTTP3 scanning” in the settings menu> Security> Basic security components> Web protection.
* Separation of permissions for tracking Google Analytics and Jumpshot in Settings.
* Fixed bug when scanning the explorer.
* Fixed memory leak in the aswStm.sys driver.
* Fixed broken email in Mozilla Thunderbird
* Fixed periodic blocking of Windows 10 updates using the self-defense component.
* Fixed problem with built-in virtualization and VirtualBox / VMware.

• Stop viruses, spyware, ransomware & other malware
• Block unsafe links, downloads & email attachments
• Scan for PC performance problems
• Get real-time security updates
• Secure personal folders with an extra layer of ransomware protection
• Prevent peeping Toms from watching you via your webcam
• Keep hackers away with Enhanced Firewall
• Avoid fake websites for safer shopping
• Includes AntiVirus PRO for Android

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